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Welcome Craft Beer Lovers and Foodies!

This blog is for craft beer and microbrew beer fans and newbies that want tips on great beers to try.  We’re going to scope out the best tasting craft beers and share them with you.  We’re also going to share the tasty brew pubs we find along the way—mostly in Southern CA.  But hey, occasionally we travel.

We have been red wine people (syrah, pinot noir, tempranillo) and have recently started learning about craft beer.  We’re having a great time discovering great tasting craft and micro brew beers.  And the best cheeses and foods that pair with them.  It’s just as much fun as wine tasting and wine/food pairing!  And the beer festivals and brew pubs are closer to home than the wineries.  How cool is that?  Especially here in sunny Southern California.

Jim’s history with beer: My beer experience goes back to his early days in the 1960’s and 70’s when I drank beer on a regular basis and my main interest was avoiding the ones that resulted in a headache.

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA where there was some diversity in beer brands. Local brands like Schmidt’s, Ballantine’s and Ortliebs competed with national brands like Budweiser, Schaeffer, Piels, Pabst and some regionals like Rolling Rock, Rheingold and Iron City (a popular one based on it’s inexpensive price).

I don’t recall one conversation about hops or alcohol content. Taste was discussed in terms of “weak” or “great” (remember the first ads for Miller Lite? “Tastes Great, Less Filling”).

Well it seems that a lot has changed with beer over the last 35 years! Especially with the explosion of the craft beer industry. Lots of new beers with names like Hefeweizen, India Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Saisons, Kriegs, Brown Ale, Pilsner, and others.  You can find beers aged in barrels that were used to age bourbon or brandy while others have things like coffee, chocolate, and various herbs added.

Cynthia’s history with beer (actually pretty short before now).  As a kid my dad taught me to keep his beer mug in the freezer so it would be the right temperature (very cold) when he got home.  He drank the regional beers available wherever we were stationed at the time like Jax when we lived in Florida and Olympia when living in California. olympia beer

I prefer the less hoppy craft beers.  Up to now I was limited to just a few: Corona, Negro Modelo from Mexico (a bit sweet) and the Belgian Chimee Ale (blue label).  But hey now I’m branching out.

But we’ll be sharing our findings, tastings and even some cooking with craft beer recipes along the way.  Stop by and share your findings too.

Jim and Cynthia

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