Brews and Burgers at Rock Bottom Brew Pub in La Jolla

by Beer Answers on January 2, 2010


Rock Bottom La Jolla Photo Courtesy of parislemon Flickr

A few days ago we were out running errands and found ourselves in the University Town Center area in La Jolla today around lunch time. While driving and discussing possibilities, we came upon Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery.

Now we’ve eaten at Rock Bottom for business meetings and networking events for years.  Always imbibed in wine.  But these were prior to our new status as (newbie) beer-o-philes. So we decided to give it a try.

Rock Bottom offers a nice selection of pub-brewed beers.  Besides the five standard selections, a number of specials are listed on a blackboard and on the menu. They also provide taster samples.  Samples seemed like a good idea to us  since we were hungry for burgers and were unfamiliar with their offerings.

The special selections looked interesting and we sampled:

  • Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter – 9% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), Cask Conditioned, with a nice creamy head with the bourbon being the dominant flavor but no in the aroma. Cynthia thought it would be a nice drink with a rich chocolate dessert.
  • Naughty Scots Scottish Ale – 6.5 ABV, a dark red ale with more of a dark carmel taste but low on the hops side, which Jim preferred. This was Jim’s favorite and thought it was go best with his order.
  • Black Seal Imperial Oatmeal Stout – 8% ABV, a dark, rich, toasty complex ale with tastes of chocolate and expresso. The flavors worked nicely together and this was Cynthia’s favorite.
  • Rudolph’s Red – 7% ABV, described as a hoppy West Coast red with an IPA style and taste.  We agreed on the hoppy part and it’s a pleasant brew.

As for lunch, Jim had a Brew Burger, their classic with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and American cheese.

Cynthia went for the Chimichurri Turkey Burger with chimichurri sauce with (lots of) melted cheese on top and pickle de gallo (a tasty topping).  Also (sigh) no bun since it was still the holiday season with plenty of carb-filled foods to enjoy over the next few days. This burger is just fine without the bun!

Jim’s burger was well made and came exactly medium rare as requested. He chose a Naughty Scots Scottish Ale.  Perfect with the burger.

Cynthia chose the Black Seal Imperial Oatmeal Stout and found it tasted just as described:  rich, coffee-like with a touch of chocolate.  It was delish with the turkey  burger.

We thought Rock Bottom was a great choice for burgers and brews.   Evidently we’re not the only ones that think so…Rock Bottom has won over 100 Beer Awards for brewing!

We enjoyed tasting the well-made beers that brewmaster Marty Mendiola created and the great service provided by our server Kara.

If you are looking for some great beers and good food, Rock Bottom is definitely worth a visit.  You can find Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurants in four  California cities and a few other states.  Check out their location map here.

What’s your opinion of Rock Bottom La Jolla?

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