Craft Beer & Mustard Lovers’ Lunch at Stone World Bistro in San Diego

by Beer Answers on November 7, 2009

Stone World Bistro - Escondido

On Sunday, we stopped at Stone World Bistro for lunch in nearby Escondido (just north of San Diego).  A fun way to do  food and beer tastings is to eat at a Brew Pub, and Stone”s is certainly one of the best in our area.  It is a beautifully designed building (see pic above from Stone World Bistro’s web site.)  You can sit inside and feel like you’re outside.  The facility is designed with many ‘green’ features, lots of natural stone building materials, plane hangar-high ceilings, lush plants and seriously large windows.   Zen-like and relaxing to visit.  Even sitting indoors, you feel like you’re outside.

Stone World Bistro - yard

We decided to share a couple of appetizers and split a sandwich. We discovered that all three dishes had one thing in common, a delicious mustard that just happens to be a Stone product.  Which made Cynthia happy since she considers mustard to be one of the basic food groups.

The two appetizers were an assortment of four artisinal sausages and some soft pretzels. The sandwich was their Bruschetta BLT Sandwich a very tasty dish with a good portion of smoked applewood bacon. Also roasted tomatoes, and our choice of asiago cheese and beer cheese.

We have eaten at Stone a few times and have never been disappointed with our meal; this was no different. Everything was just great.

The surprise was that all our food came with their Stone Pale Ale Mustard. First it has a great flavor created between the mustard seeds and chipotle peppers with a somewhat sweet taste similar to a honey mustard but with more subtle sweetness. It went perfect with all three dishes.  In fact if you are a mustard-lover, you can eat this yummy condiment by itself!  It has that many flavors and with the pieces of pepper.

We found out that this tasty mustard was available in their store and, on the way out, picked up a couple of jars.   Our next surprise was when we looked at the label and found that the ingredients listed both sugar and Stone Pale Ale but ZERO carbs and ZERO calories. It just seemed like there was too much sweetness to not have any carbs!  Stone Pale Ale Mustard

So, I sent an email off to Stone and asked them. I quickly heard back from Chris Caroll of Stone that the label is correct. Based on the small serving, the sugar and beer result in zero calories!

Well this makes the mustard a great find for anyone looking for a different taste without adding calories. It’s five dollars for an eight ounce jar and worth the price. We have used it twice since we brought it home the other day.

Alaskan Smoked Porter, Tasty

Ok, so we are supposedly talking about beer and food pairings not condiments so I suppose we should talk about the beer we drank with our food. Based on a recommendation of our server, we had an Alaskan Smoked Porter, which we concluded was a perfect match. A rich dark color and a smokey taste that matched the smokiness of the bacon. It was a great recommendation. ALASKAN SMOKED PORTER

If you’re near Escondido in Southern CA, we suggest having a meal at Stone World Bistro. Check out their menus here.

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