Killer Gourmet Grilled Cheese via The Art of Beer Blog

by Beer Answers on December 18, 2009

I would have been perfectly happy tonight to curl up with a nice Stampede Light Beer or Red Trolley from my fridge and a great pizza from my local Allen’s.   Then I clicked over to this mouth-watering description of Italiana Grilled Cheese at The Art of Beer blog.

So, on recent rainy day, Taylor strolled into an Italian market, in San Diego’s Little Italy (where else).  Here is part of the post in her words.  She found

“…Black Olive Artisan Bread  – baked fresh by Bread & Cie , a local San Diego Bakery.  Along with this I selected some sliced Asiago Cheese, Fresh Basil, Roma Tomatoes and a delectable Spicy Sopressata (Salami) Salumi.  I also picked up an amazing fig compote with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and a tube of Sun Dried Tomato Paste for use in future Grilled Cheese Creations!  I find myself thinking of all the possibilities that make for a great Grilled Cheese Sandwich.”

Yumola! Asiago Cheese, Black Olive Artisan Bread, fig compote!  What’s not to love?

Here is a cool pic from The Art of Beer’s post.

The_Art_of_Beer Image:

You’ll have to read the rest of this OMG-post here.  I really have to go now.  I’m hopping on Interstate 5 and motoring my way south to Little Italy…

One more thing.  Which one of our 33+ wonderful San Diego craft beers shall I pair with this Italiana Grilled Cheese??

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