Light Beer & Gourmet Pizza in North Coastal San Diego

by Beer Answers on October 18, 2009

Break Water Brewing, Oceanside Offers Tasty Pizza and Hill Street Honey Beer

Breakwater Honey Blonde - PizzaA recent Friday night we decided that Jim would forage for food and serve as our pizza delivery person.  I voted for a light beer (didn’t make it to workout class that week)  and pizza.  (A small-ish pizza…)

Jim decided on Break Water Brewing Company in Oceanside a few miles from us.  We had discovered Break Water not long ago and really enjoyed tasting their own brews and the other beers they offer on tap.

Hill Street Honey is Break Water’s lightest beer with 5% abv. It has a nice honey color and fresh grapefruit honey finish. We decided to do a tasting using this beer and their medium, cheese pizza with oven dried tomatoes.

Jim picked up a growler of the beer along with the pizza. As you can see, the beer has a nice rich color. The short head is probably more about Jim’s pouring skill than the beers ability to have a nice head.

The pizza had lots of cheese and the oven dried tomatoes had a sweet taste that added to the overall taste of the pizza. We had a medium, 12 inch pie.. The dough is hand-kneaded and comes thin, medium or thick. We went with the medium, which was perfect.

Simplicity was the key here having only cheese and oven dried tomatoes meant that there were not a lot of tastes to compete with a light beer. The Hill Street Honey went perfectly with the pie.

There are the occasions when you take a bite of pie, and it tastes great until you take a sip of beer. All of a sudden, the pie doesn’t taste so great. The opposite can also happen. This was not the case with our combination.

If you are a beer and pizza fan, and who’s not, you should consider Break Water Brewing and try some of your own combinations with light beer or any of Break Water’s other tasty options.

This Oceanside brew pub is a pleasant venue with friendly service that is located just a couple of blocks from the water’s edge.

Here’s to tasty pairings,

Jim & Cynthia

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