New to Craft Beer? Start with The Naked Pint

by Beer Answers on April 23, 2010

If you are just starting out with Craft Beer as many of us are, we highly recommend getting hold of The Naked Pint by Christina Perozzi & Hallie Beaune. Why? Well there are thousands of choices many with names that you probably can’t even pronounce. So just where do you start? What’s a Dunkelweizen or Hefeweizer? Singles, Doubles and Triples are not just in baseball, but what’s their relevance to craft beer? Is there a reason to drink a Sour Beer or one made with Cherries or other fruit? The Naked Pint takes you through the maze and provides some guidance.

One thing we liked was how they laid out four areas: The Neophyte, The Sophomore, The Devout and The Promiscuous and then explained each section along with recommended brews. For wine lovers, it’s like going to a winery and having them tell you the sequence of tasting their wines. You can read a section and then set about finding the beers you want to taste. Great idea.

These ladies know their beer. So this isn’t something that was thrown together by people that have just gotten into beer this year. Christina and Hallie are seasoned craft beer professionals. Christina was named the Best Beer Sommelier in LA by Los Angeles Magazine and is considered one of the top female beer experts in the United States. She also has a popular website @

Hallie taught at the prestigious F.O. Beer School and was featured on the hit cable show After Hours with Daniel Boulud as F.O.’s resident beer expert.

So, whether you are a neophyte or devout craft beer fan, this is one book to add to the library.

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