Peanut Brittle Made with Microbrew Beer?

by Beer Answers on November 24, 2009

When you’re learning about a new area, you always find things that surprise you and craft beer is no exception. As soon as we started talking about our goal of learning about handcrafted beer and its many uses, we began to get recipes for using beer in soups, marinades and even in pancake batter. Every so often, though, you do get a surprise.

beer brittle

We were looking to find some candy that we had a few years ago that was made with various types of wine, when we ran across a peanut brittle made with beer. Anettes’s Chocolates of Napa Valley has Beer Brittle made with a micro brew ale. We just had to try it.

It is a little expensive, $9.95 for 8 oz. plus shipping, but something we felt we needed to try. We also liked their description of the brittle:

“Possibly the best brittle you will ever have tried.    This dark Roast brittle is made with Spanish peanuts, Amber Ale and a hint of Salt.  The texture is crisp and fresh, leaving a nutty, buttery and ‘hopsy’ background to cherish.”

Their description matches our experience. It was not overly sweet and had a slight fizzie taste that they describe as ‘hopsy’.

Pretty expensive to have on a regular basis, but a great conversation-piece at a gathering.

Order some and try for yourself. If you do, let us know your experience.  You can learn more about their brittles here.

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